The Workout Factory


Classes Available

Fitness classes are available at Jumbo Jungle and your children will be looked after by Jumbo Jungle staff while you train.

Time Table (as at 05/02/2016)

Monday: 0930-1030 and 1730-1830 (childcare available)

Tuesday: 0930-1030 and 1730-1830 (childcare available)

Wednesday: 0930-1030 and 1730-1830 (childcare available)

Thursday: 0930-1030 and 1730-1830 (no childcare)

Friday: 0930-1030 and 1730-1830 (childcare available)

Alternative Saturday: 0930-1030 (childcare available)

Please call us on 01207 500007 to reserve your space.

Yearly Membership Options

Single Membership

£95 – 12 months – Gym only

£150 – 12 months – Gym and Classes

Joint Membership

£150 – 12 months – Gym only

£200 – 12 months – Gym and classes

Month by Month Membership Options

Single Membership

£20 – Gym and Classes

Joint Membership

£25 – Gym and Classes

Single with Child Care

£40 – Gym and Classes


£4.95 – per session – Gym and Classes




Covid 19

"We are devastated to announce that after the advice from the government for everyone to avoid social places, we have no choice but to close until further notice. We are a family business and realise that this has a direct effect on our staff's livelihoods. This has not been an easy decision to take and we are truly heartbroken, it is totally out of our control. Thank you very much for your understanding, and we hope to the see you all very soon."